We believe that the future of healthcare will be us, our data and intelligence and algorithms that will help support us in self-managing our health, and letting us know when things are not going well and when we require assistance.

We are firmly focused on creating a new future of healthcare and believe if we leverage the right technologies and the right people, we can truly lead the world in re-orienting healthcare to the patient.

We are always looking for extra-ordinary team members to help build this vision with us.

Tech: We are looking for exemplary technologists, cryptogeeks, coders, engineers, dreamers, blockchain enthusiasts, full stack developers – people who love the tech but also love solving problems. People who want to be part of living on the cutting edge of technological advancement with blockchain, building the latest in cryptographically secure databases, coding for complex health APIs and data exchanges, and marrying it all to the usability of the current web based technologies.

Product: We are looking for product people who love the complexity of healthcare with its varied stakeholders, privacy and security needs, and who want to be part of an industry which will change faster than most others over the coming decade.

Sales/Business Development: We are scaling ScalaMed across the USA. Individuals who understand healthcare, are networked into key decision makers in this space, and understand how to engage with key partners across the health landscape.

Legends: We are also just looking for legends! People who love to roll up their sleeves and jump on in. Who say yes to everything and know how to seek opportunity and growth and positivity in everything.

Please contact us if you want to get involved.