A new consumer-centric approach for healthcare

A new consumer-centric approach for healthcare

Paternalism in medicine and health has existed from the beginning of time.

From Latin terminology unintelligible to consumers, words that differentiate between what patients tell us (we call those “symptoms”) to what clinicians find upon examination and observation (we call these “signs”), to calling consumers “patience” as they wait (im)patiently to be seen in clinics.

In fact, this paternalistic approach, has expanded beyond the clinic and the hospital, and has pervaded all elements of the health system, from clinical results that aren’t released first to the consumers, to closed medical record systems created for enterprise and clinicians (where consumers are just bystanders or afterthoughts), to national record systems with only limited data available for the consumer to review, and to databases containing our personal data – vulnerable to hacking.

There is no other industry that has created as many excuses for marginalising the consumer in this way.

There is however, another approach.